Our Vision

To be the preferred and leading South African SMPP E&I Company, with international presence, excellent customer service and sustainable growth.

Our Mission

Providing SMPP E&I installations, engineering services and technical solutions, for the petrochemical, energy, mining and infrastructure sectors. Focusing on safety, quality, environment and innovation.


Commitment: We are dedicated to the completion of high-quality projects within the scheduled time.

Integrity: We do business in a truthful and uncompromising manner, always adhering to the Law under any circumstance.

Ownership: We are all personally accountable to meet our business needs. We all behave like owners with the Company’s long-term success in mind.

Fairness: We treat all employees equitably based on their merits and abilities and handle all essentially similar situations similarly and with consistency. We base all client decisions on appropriate criteria, without undue favouritism or improper prejudice.