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Service Portfolio

Project Management:

MRT Global oversees the planning, fabrication, scheduling, procurement and execution of projects by bringing together skilled and professional individuals into a dynamic team. Where necessary, MRT Global will appointment the required sub-contractors as required by the project, thus ensuring that construction activities are completed on time, within budget and quality requirements.


We have a strong engineering focus, using our professional engineers who take responsibility for all our designs on projects, and offer the services described below through our state of the art drawing office, multidisciplinary engineering team we employ and supervisory staff that compliments out teams on site:

  • LSTK Project Execution
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Design
  • Infrastructure Design and Development
  • Logistical Services and Security Systems

Civil & Building Works

We use professional supervision and quality inspection on all our projects, to ensure alignment to client specifications and quality requirements.

Structural Works

As per design requirements, structures are assembled & constructed utilising structural elements of a building so that they support and transmit applied loads safely to the ground without exceeding the allowable stresses in the members.

Mechanical Works

Our expert engineers have an excellent understanding of industry and liaise closely with OEMs to ensure that fabricated equipment is fit for purpose and delivers required loads. This includes manufacturing
tests and associated packaging.

Electrical Works & Instrumentation

Our employees are highly qualified and carefully selected for the required skill to handle both light and heavy current, without any incident.

Piping & Plate Works

We have the ability to develop shop detail drawings, and fabricate to same, corrosion
protect, install, inspect and test all types of piping and plate works (stainless steel & mild steel).


Fibre Installation

We do full fibre installation, benchmarking against best industry practice to deliver high quality installation that meet our customer requirements.

Design & Fabrication

We use a large workshop facility with a fabrication footprint of 22 000m² with an output of 500 to 600 tons per month. Complimentary to this, is professional drawing office with drafting packages, which are continually updated so is to incorporate the latest technology in our detailing and design.

Health & Safety

We have a zero-harm mind set on projects and instil this to our people, to achieve:

  • Zero fatality and lost time injury
  • Zero total injury rate and drastic reduction in damage. We are an ISO 45001:2018 certified company and ensure that we continuously maintain and improve the IMS.


Our Quality Management is based on logical explanation, applicable methodology, and essential elements for a structured approach to Project Management. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and ensure that we continuously maintain and improve the IMS.


Our Team is waste conscious, and have a strong drive towards its reduction and elimination on projects, irrespective of which of the main eight kinds (Defects, Over -Production, Waiting, Non-Utilized Talent, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, and Extra-Processing) which are key elements of lean construction to help avoid ‘futility, uselessness, wastefulness’.

Fibre Optics:

  • Conducting site surveys and review network design and layout
  • Installation, splicing and testing of point-to-point installations
  • Testing, repair and maintenance of existing


  • CAD Drawings

  • Splice register

  • OTDR test results & report

Security Solutions:

  • The design and installation

  • Documentation and maintenance support